Bush Hatred and Its Effect on the 2008 Presidential Election

Alinsky's Rules For Radicals

The DNC Playbook, Rules for Radicals

By Ed Lathrop, Tea Party Views Contributor

For eight years Democrats, which include the mainstream media, college professors, high school teachers and union bosses teamed up to cultivate a phenomenon known as Bush hatred. Bush hatred is also known as “the blame Bush syndrome.” How it works is no matter what happens you simply blame Bush for it. For instance, Hurricane Katrina and the 9-11 disaster were two of the occurrences in the first decade of the 21st century that were George W Bush’s fault.

If the temperature was uncomfortably high, it would certainly be attributed to global warming and as you probably know, global warming is Bush’s fault. If the stock market has a bad day it is Bush’s fault. If the stock market has a series of very bad days which can be attributed to the damage 9-11 did to the Nation’s financial center it was George Bush’s fault because of course, he was to blame for 9-11 in the first place.

When things went well they too were George Bush’s fault. Not because these things were good but because with Bush hatred, even good things were bad. For instance, the average unemployment rate in George Bush’s tenure was 5.2%. Remarkably, at one point, the unemployment rate actually reached a low of 3.4%! However, to Bush haters, this was the worst economy since the Great Depression. Therefore, Bush hatred even got a boost from events that would be considered miraculous during the Obama administration but because these marvelous things happened when George W. Bush was president, they were deemed disastrous.

While all this may seem like fun and games, it is actually a well known Saul Alinsky technique. This technique, which is one of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, is; “if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually come to believe it.” All modern liberalism seems to come from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. At least, repeating lies over and over again is certainly a stalwart of the Democrat Party headed by Obama these days.

Repeating the lie that everything which went wrong was George Bush’s fault was actually a well-thought-out plan the DNC implemented way back when W first took office. Democrats put their foot down on the lie accelerator and kept it there for eight years, defaming George W. Bush every bit of the way and loving it.

As unseemly as this rule for radicals is, it probably won the election for Obama in 2008. This is true because undecided voters who hadn’t followed politics closely during the George W Bush presidency knew very little about anything pertaining to politics. However, the one thing they knew was they hated George Bush. The lies they heard over and over again from the Democrat machine worked subliminally on these undecided voters and though they went to the polls still undecided, their subconscious minds didn’t allow them to pull the lever for a candidate endorsed by Bush .

All this may sound unbelievable but it is more unbelievable a person like Barack Hussein Obama could’ve been elected president of the United States of America. The good news is, in the upcoming election, Bush hatred will mean very little. The Dems are trying feverishly to convert Bush hatred into Romney/Ryan hatred but they don’t have eight years to do it and it will be very difficult to tie Romey/Ryan directly to Bush. About the best they may be able to do is keep lying about the evils of personal wealth and that because he is a Republican, Ryan is intrinsically wealthy.


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